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Toll Pharma is part of the Farmalider group, which specialises in the production and preparation of pharmaceutical products and nutritional
supplements for third parties.

Toll Pharma does not sell its products and therefore does not compete with our customers. Toll Pharma contributes added value to operations and remains committed to innovation, promoting ideas and offering solutions to cater for customers’ needs.
Toll Pharma has received a satisfactory audit from top pharmaceuticals companies since 2003, and is a benchmark for many of them. Toll Pharma offers a quick, flexible, reliable and customised response to the highest standards of quality and at a competitive price.



Farmalider, S.A. is a private pharmaceuticals laboratory founded in Madrid, Spain, in 1986.

advertising products, ethical products, offering brand and added value. Farmalider is an ideas factory with a highly-skilled multidisciplinary team. Our creativity in the development of new projects is balanced by strict compliance with quality guidelines. We focus on quality, safety and the development of innovative products. In addition to our plant with GMP, at Farmalider we choose only suppliers who share the same commitment to our partners/clients regarding quality, cost, flexibility, capacity and corporate culture.

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