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Why TollPharma?.

Why TollPharma?

TollPharma offers added value global solutions during the entire production cycle of the medicinal product.

Our organisation is able to take forward any pharmaceutical production process, from formulation development to production, filling and packaging of pharmaceutical products with the following competitive advantages:

capsula Optimisation of development and production times.

capsula Flexibility in production capacities.

capsula Rapid and reliable response to the variations of client needs.

capsula Adaption of the supply process to the specific needs of each client.

capsula Optimisation of production costs.

capsula High quality standards of the manufacture. 

Production is carried out by highly qualified personnel in an environment certified under GLP and GMP standards with the requisite authorisations from the Health Authorities. Furthermore, it has been audited and approved by various multinational companies as a manufacturer of reference.

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